Lip Lightening / Lip Neutralization

Lip Neutralization

For Men and Women

A specialty lip enhancement procedure designed to meet the unique cosmetic challenges of individuals with cooler, darker or uneven lip tones. This service is ideal for brightening and balancing pigment in melanin rich or bi-tone lips. Treats hyper-pigmentation and some forms of pigment loss. This service can also be used to color correct; color enhance or restore pigment loss.

The Lip Lightening / Lip Neutralization procedure is a highly skilled cosmetic tattooing process that was created to impart a brighter more pleasing color to darker toned lips; or in some individuals, it can also be used as a camouflage pre-treat, prior to adding cosmetic lip color that mimics lipstick or lip blushing. *The lip’s shape and definition will be enhanced – and this service pairs well with lip fillers.

This service involves implanting “semi-permanent” cosmetic pigments specifically designed for the lips, using a digital tattoo machine. Clients are numbed prior to and throughout the lip tattoo process. This procedure will require a minimum of 2 sessions 8 to 10 weeks apart to achieve optimum results. An elective third session can also be added to add more color or more brightening if desired by the client.

Color enhancement can last up to two years before requiring a refresh.

Lip Neutralization Before and After