All appointments include a working consultation with your initial procedure. Please allow 90-minutes for new appointments.

Rescheduling or Cancellations: A 48-hour courtesy notice by phone, is required to reschedule or cancel any existing appointment. The 48-hour window includes weekends and holiday calls for any appointments scheduled on Mondays.

  • All incoming calls are recorded and time date stamped 24 / 7 for your scheduling convenience, including weekends and holidays.
  • Appointments that are not cancelled with a 48-hour notice will be subject to a late cancel fee of $50..
  • Please note: If you miss an appointment without canceling more than once, we will require a deposit to re-book.
  • A credit card or deposit will be required to hold your reservation for all large procedures.


  • Eyebrow Micropigmentation
  • Lip Micropigmentation


  • In office Brow or Lip Consult: – $50 for 30 minutes. Includes artistry preview or patch test. The consult fee will be deducted from your service total.


  • Consultations can be held separate from your appointment at the rate of $50, which will be applied to your service if booked within 90 days.
  •  Your will be quoted in your consult or prior to beginning your initial session.
  • If you need to reschedule for any reason, just provide a 48-hour courtesy notice.
  •  For your convenience you can now book, reschedule and or cancel your appointments online at www.looknaturalatl.com.
  • Failure to provide a 48-hour cancellation notice, or failure to show for your appointment, could result in a cancellation fee or having to hold future appointments with a credit card.


  • A 48-hour courtesy notice is required to reschedule or cancel any existing Booster appointment to avoid a missed appointment fee of $50.
  • A 48-hour courtesy notice is required to reschedule or cancel any existing Perfection Session appointment to avoid a missed appointment fee.
  • A credit card may be required to hold your reservation if you no show an appointment.
  • The 48-hour window includes weekends and holiday reschedules or cancellations for any appointments scheduled on Mondays or Tuesdays.


  • An in office consult may be required prior to any scheduled sessions.
  • A deposit may be required to schedule your treatment or procedure.
  • A 48-hour courtesy notice by phone is required to reschedule or cancel any existing appointment. The 48-hour window includes weekends and holiday reschedules or cancellations for any appointments scheduled on Mondays or Tuesdays.
  • Failure to provide a 48-hour cancellation notice, or failure to show for your appointment will result in a loss of your minimum procedure cost.


Visa, Mastercard, Discover, Debit/Check Cards and in state personal checks with a driver’s license.

We regret we do not accept AMEX or Care Credit.


Similar concept but tattoos are done with tattoo ink, and are permanent, where as cosmetic tattoos are semi-permanent because they are done with pigments that are far less concentrated than ink, and will fade over time.

Brow Micropigmentation is a popular procedure done by both men and women to restore and rebuild eyebrow shape, color, and or density.   It is also known as semi -permanent make up or cosmetic tattooing. There are different styles that can be achieved with a hand tool or digital device that is uses micro needles to embed micro ha pigment into the dermis layer in the skin – either to shade back fill color, or to  replicate the appearance of brow hair.  All micropigmentation procedures are done with semi-permanent pigment, not ink.

Microblading is a hand application manual technique that takes a needle blade tool that is dipped into pigment and then is cut or sliced into the skin to give that hair stroke effect. Nano Needling is an alternative to microblading which does not involve cutting, and slicing the skin with a microblade, but gives the same feather hair like strokes. It is done with a digital machine that is precisely calibrated and uses a micro nano needle to deposit pigment. Similar to a tattoo rotary device or sewing machine that moves up and down, it is a more controlled instrument that can create the same desired hair stroke effect with less trauma to the skin.

Absolutely! Almost all our clients get brow restoration that have brow hair and use the technique to back fill or enhance their shape so that the artwork blends in with their natural brow hair giving it more density and or manicured look. How long does it take to get your brows done? New clients 1.5 hours You can come into the clinic to meet with the artist practitioner to do a formal consultation where you can answer all your questions, get a cosmetic preview of the shape, and a quote based on what you want to do.

Pricing is determined by how much work is needed to restore to your desired look. All new brow clients are priced based on if they are light, medium, or full fills -which is determined by the technician during the consultation. Light fill: $395-495 – Thin brows that are soft and delicate, or light touch ups to just backfill and enhance brow shape. Medium fill: $495-595 - Most common fill to restore brows that are missing 1/3 of hair and need to reshape, build back density, or Full fill: $595-695 - Recreating both brows in their entirety. Having to design, balance, and build both brows completely.

The technique used is the safest modality for the skin to insert pigment. We do not use blades to deposit pigment, which reduces the risk for manual error. We use micro nano single use needles with a conventional rotary device that is calibrated for precise depth and consistency, which is less traumatic for the skin. The digital pen is similar to a tattoo gun, but way more delicate. This allows the artist to truly mimic the appearance of hair to achieve the perfect delicate hair stroke, or point by point placement system. We also operate out of a clinic space, and only use single use disposable needles and supplies. Stations are disinfected and sanitized before and after each client and procedure.

Avoid Caffeine, alcohol, Aspirin, or Ibuprofen 24 hours before your appointment. * Avoid doing Botox injections 2 weeks prior to your appointment * Discontinue using Vitamin E, Fish oil, and any other blood thinning products a week before your appointment * Discontinue using Vitamin A or Retinol products at least weeks prior to your brow appointment * Inform your technician of any allergies, medical conditions, and medications prior to your appointment

1. Do not be alarmed if your brows appear darker, and or fuller after your appointment - this is normal. Skin responses vary but your skin will settle down quickly. The color will lighten over the next 3-5 days during the healing process. 2. The skin around the brows could turn slightly pink and look irritated after having this intradermal procedure. This is a normal skin response that usually subsides within the hour, but for some can last up to 24 hours after application of pigment. 3. If you have sensitive skin you may observe slight swelling around the artistry, which can cause temporary visual asymmetry after procedure until the skin calms down. Extreme sensitivity cases can take up to 24 hours to resolve. 4. The skin may shed some during the healing process, which can result in fading or pigment loss. Thus, you may see some pigment or skin debris on your cotton swab while applying ointment. Your brows may flake or scab a little during healing - this is normal. Do not pick at your brows, let them naturally exfoliate. 5. Your brows will appear several shades lighter after healing. Pigment fading and or loss is normal - especially after your initial session. The top layer of the skin is fresh and is muting the pigment. Your brows are still healing up to 30 days after your appointment - even though the exfoliating has stopped. It is common that the color will start to return during this time, and to seem slightly sparse in spots, and not dark enough. This is the time where you will notice that you will need your perfection session, or additional touch ups to refine and reinforce the artistry and color. Your "perfection session" is your touch up to tweak shape and color.

Anesthetic gel applied before all brow procedures to minimize any discomfort. Scalp Micropigmentation does not require anesthetic, however certain areas of the scalp can be more sensitive than others so there are topical numbing spray agents that can be used to reduce discomfort.

Everybody heals differently and at different rates. Brow micropigmentation heals usually withing 3-4 days, but post care regimens are advised for 7 days after appointment. Even though they feel healed, they are still going through the healing process and post care needs to be maintained.

Brow procedures last on average between 12 -18 months, or longer depending on an individual’s physiology, skin type, lifestyle, metabolism, exposure to sun and or products they use. Touch ups to reinforce hair stroke artistry are usually done annually or bi-annually. Scalp Micropigmentation procedures typically last anywhere between 2-4 years depending on the variables of that individual. Small touch ups can be intermittently done bi annually or longer to reinforce hair follicles and keep color and the illusion of texture more vibrant.

A perfection session is our terminology for the required touch up appointment after your initial appointment. It is necessary to do a secondary session to reinforce the pigment and artistry to have better success in holding for the 12-18 months. Everyone is different in how they retain pigment, so this gives you and the artist the opportunity to come back after you healed to see if there are any details you would like to add, or reinforce. It is very common to have fading after your first visit.

Lip Micropigmentation is a procedure that uses a specialized technique to shade pigment into the lips to enhance lip color and shape.

Prices can vary, but generally speaking from $599-799.

There are many custom styles and colors your artist can achieve based on your objectives or natural undertones in your lips. Enhanced natural or lip blushing is the most popular because it boosts the natural berry tones back to your lips to help give back the youthful element and shape to your lips without having to wear pencil or lipshades.

We recommend you speak with your physician if you have ever had an issue with cold sores in the past. This way they can prescribe you medication to take prior to your treatment to alleviate any breakouts or symptoms.

Lips heals quickly and usually people are a little swollen the day of the procedure, but resume back to normal in a couple days. It is recommended to use ointment during the first week or two of healing. Post care instructions will be given to you after your treatment.