Women’s Eyebrow Restoration

Women’s Eyebrow Restoration Atlanta, GA

Hair stroke simulation is a non-surgical way to instantly restore the appearance of missing brow hair. Nano brow artistry offers a safe, semi-permanent cosmetic solution designed to restore the brows visually, by mimicking naturally growing brow hair.


These are terms for the highly artistic techniques designed to simulate naturally growing brow hair.  They may be used individually or combined using semi-permanent cosmetic pigment.  Look Natural uses a specialized technique that creates a 3-D “feather like” hair stroke. Sometimes referred to as “hyper-realism”; the hair strokes look so real, they blend seamlessly with the natural brow hair.

Our Clinic proudly uses only state-of-the-art NANO Needle technology to restore eyebrows. These ultra-fine needles work like miniature paint brushes to permit our artist to etch each individual hair, one by one.  We use different diameter needles and different stroke stylings to create texture and dimension. To add to the illusion of depth, we may also back-fill the hair strokes with pixilated shading.  Our clinic’s unique methods of customizing the brow artistry ensures that we can enhance or create any style brow that best suits your features – even if you have little to no brow hair remaining.  Each brow restoration procedure is always tailored to your individual aesthetic preferences, delivering beautiful results that look and feel, completely natural.


Numerous techniques for eyebrow restoration have emerged over the past few years, and the Nano Brow has become one of the most popular techniques for cosmetic hair simulation worldwide. This is why we prefer “Nano Brow ”technology – also known as Digital Microblading; Feather Stroke Brows; Nano-stroke Brows and Nano-blading.

Nano hair stroke simulation is created using a digital tattoo pen or digital tattoo machine.

Unlike microblading which uses a manual application method, and a blade-style needle configuration to cut pigment into the skin — the Nano-needle is delicate and tapered to the width of a single hair.  The application process is guided by a calibrated digital device, that gives controlled precise strokes like a tattoo machine. This application process.reduces the risk for manual errors, and creates less trauma in the skin.

We use FDA approved skin-safe pigments and a computerized technology to create consistent individual hair strokes. This technique requires a high degree of artistic skill and many years of experience to mimic the patterns and the appearance of natural brow hair.  The eyebrows are gradually and carefully filled-in with delicate hair simulation until the client’s desired thickness and shape have been achieved. The procedure involves a balance of art, science, and precision to deliver custom results.


Nano brow hair restoration artistry is a micropigmentation procedure that is safe and gentle for all skin types. This minimally-invasive treatment, is perfect for the majority of our clients, regardless of age, gender, or skin type.  Whether you have fair or dark skin; light blonde, red, dark brown or black hair — we can match your hair and skin tones and create a custom eyebrow that will give you maintenance free wear without cosmetics.

Nano Brow Artistry is an ideal cosmetic solution for individuals with the following concerns:

  • Hair loss from aging, genetics or over-tweezing
  • Full or partial hair loss caused by stress; hormonal or thyroid imbalances; Alopecia; Cancer; Trichotillomania or other medical conditions
  • Impaired vision or shaky hands


  • Both modalities use semi-permanent cosmetic pigments.
  • Both procedures require a second session or a “perfecting session” after the artwork heals for optimum results.
  • Microblading is a manual application method that uses “micro-blades” (Needle configurations that are single needles or needle groupings) to cut the hair strokes into the skin by dragging the needles.
  • Digital Nano Brows are created using a digital pen or digital tattoo machine to “deposit” pigment into the skin.  The needles move “up and down” like a traditional tattoo machine.

Nano Brows – unlike Microblading, offers the greatest design flexibility and is safe for all skin types and ethnicities.  The thinness of the needles used for Nano Brow tattooing, prevent the pigment from going too deep in the skin.  The Nano needle is “depositing pigment” at equal depths across the skin as the artist draws each hair stroke. Each cut to the skin is very narrow and precise.  There is less possibility for over-working the skin or unnecessary trauma.

Microblading as a hand application technique, manually deposits pigment into the skin by dipping the blade tips into pigment, and then dragging or cutting the hair strokes into the skin.  There is a much higher injury risk to the skin with manual insertion methods depending on the skill of the artist. If the strokes are too shallow, the pigment will not hold.  If the application is too deep, it can cause scar tissue and the hair strokes will merge together. You will generally experience more discomfort and skin trauma with a manual method. Microblading is not suited for oily skin or Fitzpatrick 4 – 6 complexions.

The Video below featured on YouTube, explains the differences between the two hair simulation procedures.  Watch to learn what really happens to the skin when you use a Microblading process to restore the eyebrows.


At Look Natural Micropigmentation Clinic your brow artist will help you design perfect eyebrows using highly-advanced and customized eyebrow techniques.  There is no “one technique” that is ideal for everyone, so they will help guide you based on your bone structure, skin type, and overall objectives.


Etching each hair stroke one by one is a meticulous art and takes time. We schedule 90 minutes for an initial session for  all new clients. Your artist will complete an in-depth consultation to measure, balance, and create a cosmetic preview to establish your new shape.  During the consultation we will answer all of your questions, and review the entire process.   Our artist understands the importance of trust, and that is why we work conservatively on every new client on the initial visit, so they can see first hand how the process works, fades, and heals.  It is more important to us that you understand and feel confident in not only the work, but the entire process.


Any discomfort associated with the procedure is considered minimal and can be easily managed with our topical anesthetics. We use topical numbing agents before and during the procedure to help keep you comfortable.


While results are immediate following your initial appointment, we recommend coming back for a second appointment (Perfection Session) to allow us to assess how you healed and retained the pigment.  We give our clients 90-days from the initial session to come back-in for a final touch-up.  This allows our artist to make small refinements to the artistry or to replace any missing hair strokes lost during the healing process.  Once the Perfection Session is completed, your brows will be maintenance free. Permanent cosmetic brow artistry is semi-permanent and generally lasts 18 to 24 months (depending on the individual).  After that time, you will require a Booster to refresh the artwork.  Boosters are designed to revitalize the color, shape and artistry, so the brows always look great.  The (Booster) touch up is usually done annually or every 24 months to keep the artistry vibrant.


Micro-stroke eyebrow micropigmentation does not require any downtime. Clients are free to resume their normal activities, however there will be some simple aftercare guidelines to follow post procedure to ensure optimal pigment retention. Please refer to Policies & Care Instructions for all the prep and post care recommendations.  We provide a comprehensive list of instructions to help you prep and heal to maintain the natural beauty of the artistry.


Immediately following the procedure the color may appear more vivid, (as if you are wearing make up), for about 3 days.  The technique is gentle but can cause the skin to get a little pink or red around treatment area for a couple hours, but usually subsides very quickly as the skin calms.  Unlike other forms of brow micropigmentation, our micro stroke application does not create bruising or scabbing during the healing process. Once the eyebrows have healed and final results are visible you can enjoy your new maintenance free brows.



If you are interested in learning more more about this lifestyle friendly solution to restore your eyebrows, we invite you to call or email us @ looknaturalatl@gmail.com – Office (770 )870-1844 .  We will be happy to answer all of your questions.  When you’re ready to move forward, book an appointment with our artist.  The consult, cosmetic preview and procedure will be completed in your initial session. We look forward to helping you achieve your cosmetic goals.




  • Avoid Caffeine, alcohol, Aspirin, or Ibuprofen 24 hours before your appointment .
  • Avoid doing Botox injections 2 weeks prior to your appointment
  • Discontinue using Vitamin E, Fish oil, and any other blood thinning products a week before your appointment if you are prone to bruising.
  • Discontinue using Vitamin A or Retinol products at least two weeks prior to your brow appointment.
  • Inform your technician of any allergies, medical conditions, and medications prior to your appointment

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1. Care & Cleaning – Instructions for the first 5 days after your procedure: Clean your brows gently with an unscented baby wipe each time before applying the post care ointment. (If the wipe is overly moist, dab the excess moisture off on a paper towel). Start cleaning the brows from the outside of the brow and gently massage toward the nose, forward and then back, without rubbing hard or putting pressure on the new tattoo. Your goal is to loosen the excess ointment and remove any dead skin buildup.

Blot the brows dry with a tissue after cleaning – and then allow them to air dry completely before applying ointment. *** Never apply ointment to moist or wet skin as this can cause the hair strokes to merge during the healing process. Apply ointment 3 times a day as a minimum unless directed by your technician . This would be ( morning , afternoon and before bedtime) to keep skin moist while the brows are healing. This prevents the skin from drying out so the pigment does not exfoliate. Sleep on a clean pillowcase during the five day healing process.

2. Ointment Application : Apply ointment 3 times a day for 5 consecutive days.

3. Showers: You will avoid getting the brow tattoo wet for 7 consecutive days after your procedure.


  1.  Do not be alarmed if your brows appear darker, and or fuller after your appointment – this is normal. Skin responses vary but your skin will settle down quickly. The color will lighten over the next 3-5 days during the healing process.
  2. The skin around the brows could turn slightly pink and look irritated after having this procedure. This is a normal skin response that usually subsides within the hour, but for some can last up to 24 hours after application of pigment.
  3. If you have sensitive skin you may observe slight swelling around the artistry, which can cause temporary visual asymmetry after procedure until the skin calms down. Extreme sensitivity cases can take up to 24 hours to resolve.
  4. The skin may shed some during the healing process, which can result in fading or pigment loss. You may see some pigment or skin debris on your cotton swab while applying ointment. Your brows may flake a little during healing – this is normal. Do not pick at your brows, let them naturally exfoliate.
  5. Your brows will appear several shades lighter after healing. Pigment fading or loss is normal – especially after your initial session. The top layer of the skin is fresh and is muting the pigment.  Your brows are still healing up to 30 days after your appointment – even though the exfoliating has stopped.  It is common that some color will start to return during this time, and to seem slightly sparse in spots, and not dark enough.  This is the time where you will notice that you may need perfection session, to refine and reinforce the artistry and color.  Your “perfection session” is your touch up to tweak shape and color.

Long Term After Care

For best results and color retention – Use Sunscreen (SPF 30). Extreme sun exposure will cause premature fading. You can use facial cleansers and moisturizers over the brow artistry, just stay away from products that cause skin exfoliation, such as glycolic and other peeling chemicals, Retin-A, and laser treatments.

Inform your technician or physician of your semi-permanent brows if you are having a laser procedure or MRI or if you are giving blood.